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Kirkwhelpington Parish Council


The next meeting of Kirkwhelpington Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 3 September at 7:30pm, in Kirkwhelpington Memorial Hall.


All minutes displayed are draft until approved at the next Parish Council meeting.


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
KWPC draft minutes 02.07.2024.pdf16 July 2024108kB
KWPC minutes 07052024 draft.05.2024.pdf23 May 2024124kB
KWPC minutes 050324 Draft.pdf12 March 2024320kB
KWPC minutes 020124 Draft.pdf10 January 2024625kB

Annual Parish Meeting minutes & reports - 7 May 2024

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Agenda Annual Parish mtg May 2024.pdf19 April 202440kB
Annual parish meeting minutes draft 2024.pdf25 May 2024628kB
Footpaths update May 2024.pdf25 May 20241.27MB
Kirkharle Courtyard report May 2024.pdf101226.pdf25 May 2024184kB
Memorial hall update May 2024.pdf25 May 20241.23MB
Wannies Group Report for Parish Council May 2024.pdf25 May 202498kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
08 KWPC minutes 071123 Draft.pdf17 November 2023313kB
07 KWPC minutes 0509202309202.09.2023.pdf13 September 2023468kB
06 KWPC minutes 040723.07.23.pdf21 August 2023492kB
05 Ex meeting minutes 27062023.06.2023.pdf02 July 2023376kB
04_Minutes_2_May_2023.pdf13 May 202381kB
03_Minutes_Extraordinary_Meeting_31_March_2023.pdf13 May 202325kB
02_Minutes_7_March_2023.pdf13 May 202398kB
01_Minutes_3_January_2023.pdf13 May 202382kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Minutes 1st March 2022.pdf11 March 2022166kB
Minutes 1st November 2022.pdf22 December 2022199kB
Minutes 3rd May 2022.pdf13 May 2022169kB
Minutes 4th January 2022.pdf19 January 2022157kB
Minutes 5th July 2022.pdf12 July 2022206kB
Minutes 6th September 2022.pdf23 September 2022212kB
Minutes Annual Assembly 2022.pdf20 October 2022159kB
Minutes Annual Assembly 2022.pdf185143.pdf23 June 2022159kB
Minutes of an Extraordinary Meeting 11th April 2022.pdf04 May 2022111kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Minutes 11th May 2021.docx24 May 202148kB
Minutes 2nd March 2021.docx10 March 202150kB
Minutes 2nd November 2021.pdf10 November 2021186kB
Minutes 5th January 2021.docx11 January 202147kB
Minutes 5th January 2021.docx18528.docx14 January 202146kB
Minutes 6th July 2021.pdf13 July 2021170kB
Minutes 7th September 2021.pdf16 September 2021163kB
Minutes 7th September 2021.pdf185157.pdf16 September 2021163kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
minutes january 2020.docx15 January 202046kB
minutes march 2020.docx10 March 202048kB
minutes 7th july 2020.docx10 July 202050kB
Minutes November 2020.docx10 November 202052kB
Minutes 1st September 2020.docx10 November 202048kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
minutes january 2019.docx18 January 201943kB
minutes march 2019.docx12 March 201946kB
minutes annual meeting may 2019.docx04 June 201930kB
minutes may 2019.docx04 June 201944kB
minutes july 2019.docx16 July 201944kB
minutes september 2019.docx11 September 201946kB
minutes november 2019.docx11 November 201948kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
minutes january 2018.docx22 January 201823kB
minutes march 2018.docx12 March 201840kB
minutes july 2018.docx09 July 201848kB
minutes september 2018.docx13 September 201841kB
minutes november 2018.docx12 November 201844kB
minutes of annual meeting may 2018.docx20 March 201929kB
minutes may 2018.docx20 March 201942kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
minutes january 2017.docx23 February 201725kB
minutes march 2017.docx27 April 201736kB
minutes may 2017.docx21 June 201722kB
minutes july 2017.docx23 August 201724kB
minutes september 2017.docx07 September 201723kB
minutes november 2017.docx14 November 201724kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
minutes january 2016.docx02 March 201623kB
mar 2016 minutes.docx19 April 201624kB
minutes may 2015.docx19 April 201629kB
3 may 2016 minutes.docx23 June 201641kB
minutes july 2016.docx02 September 201640kB
minutes september 2016.docx21 October 201640kB
minutes november 2016.docx21 December 201640kB